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  • Привет! Меня зовут Аня. Я контент-менеджер Lingualeo. Создаю интересный контент для языкового обучения, вдохновляюсь культурами мира. Увлекаюсь фотографией и амигуруми. Enjoy

Hello, our very best student!

Today we have breaking news for you. Leo keeps on conquering the new language jungle. What does it mean? You can guess.

First things first

We are happy to announce that from now on you can learn even more languages with Lingualeo. 20 languages have been released. 15 new ones have been added to the existing ones. We are very proud that in such a short period of time the team managed to do a fantastic job.

After the update, 3 language groups are available on Lingualeo:

Group 1 Pro +

English and all existing Lingualeo features. Nothing you don’t already know about it. Let’s move on.

Group 2 Pro

French, German, Spanish, Italian.

Grammar courses and training (there are only 10-12 topics at the moment, but this is just the beginning, we are already preparing the next portion), vocabulary training, word sets, Jungle (10,000-20,000 materials which we keep constantly updated), and collections.

Group 3 Base

The group includes Turkish, Portuguese, and Russian as a foreign language, as well as: Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Czech, Greek, Korean, Dutch, Ukrainian, Hindi, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Serbian.

Here you will find a lot of Jungle content, songs, books, collections, word sets, and vocabulary training.

Follow the link to see the full list of languages and features.

You have a unique opportunity to buy two years of Premium at a special price 20 and explore all available languages.

Important. By purchasing Premium now, you will have access to content for all languages until the end of autumn! And in late fall, when the new subscription model is released, you will have full access to Premium and the content in English.

Take it!

Another piece of good news

In this release, we have updated the browser extension

Lingualeo Translator is a free extension for browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Edge and Chrome. The great thing about it is that the extension works for all twenty languages.

When reading an article on the New York Times website, flipping through the Twitter feed or any other social network, chatting on a dating site, or a gardening community you can click on unfamiliar words, translate and add them to your Lingualeo dictionary.

New features that are now available:

  • translation of fixed expressions and
  • adding content from any site.

Follow the links to download the extension for your browser:




Click here to learn more about our browser extension.

And last but not least, the new dashboard

Unique algorithm for the daily plan and task feed. It is important to know that it is synced across all platforms (web and mobile apps).

Until today, the mobile version and the web version had different tasks. Now the tasks will be the same, except for videos on mobile devices. Progress will be saved for all tasks.

This is an automatic system. It takes account of all the content you studied and the training that you did before. Here comes the spaced repetition. A smart algorithm searches for tasks itself. If you need to repeat words or a grammar rule, it suggests your Repetition, and so on.

To speed up learning, you need to practice every day. Interval repetition, based on the forgetting curve, allows you to maximize the benefits of daily activities.

Content is selected based on your level of language proficiency, as well as materials that you studied before.

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