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Hello, dear friend!

Please, meet Lingualeo Translator.

Lingualeo Translator is a free extension for browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Chrome.

It helps you translate unfamiliar words and expressions in a pop-up window without leaving the current browser tab.

Besides translation, Lingualeo Translator displays the transcription of words, and can also voice the original text using a speech synthesizer. Automatic voice-over is enabled in the extension settings.

And that’s not all. Lingualeo Translator is part of our service, so you can add selected words and phrases to your personal dictionary and send them to training.


  1. Go to any site in the language you are learning
  2. Double-click on unfamiliar words with the left mouse button
  3. See the translation.
  1. Add it to your personal Lingualeo dictionary.


New features that are now available:


  • translation of fixed expressions and
  • adding content from any site.

The extension currently supports Russian, English, French, German, Italian, Spaniard, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Czech, Greek, Korean, Dutch, Ukrainian, Hindi, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Serbian.

Кстати, прокачать лексику на английском языке поможет приложение LinguaLeo. Бесплатно устанавливайте на свой смартфон или регистрируйтесь на сайте. Даже 10-15 минут в день в игровой форме расширит ваш словарный запас.

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  1. Аватар пользователя Vitaliy

    Hi guys,

    Yep, the extension is really awesome especially that for Opera.
    Unfortunately, there is no new extension for Chromium-based browsers- there is still an old one dated as of 2019 with an outdated layout. Maybe, there is a new one for Chromium-based browsers but the search algorithm does not find it even inside Chrome Store. If a new Lingualeo Translator for Chrome exists, please add it to their base and delete an old one.

    Gonna chech up if there is a new one for Firefox available.

    Thank you and kind regards

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