The month of August is now in full swing and it feels like autumn is on its way. The challenge to stop hanging around and get back to books is accepted. Today in honor of Book Lovers Day we have prepared a quest for you about English, love for books and knowledge.

How many books have you read this summer? Can you answer all the questions and find the books hidden in the Jungle?

On August 10 and 11, complete two mini quizzes and put together promotional codes for gifts from Leo.

To activate your promo code you can click on the link. Answer the questions, find texts and put together promotional codes!


1. Answer the questions below (in English only).
2. Type the right answer in the search bar in the Jungle.
3. Find the corresponding text.
4. A letter or a number of the promo code will be hidden in the text.
5. Write down all found characters in order and put the word together, this will be your PROMO CODE*!

August 10 – 70% off 1 year of Premium
August 11 – 80% off any course (except intensive courses).

*You can activate a promo code and make your purchase within a month from the moment of promo code activation (i.e. not later than September 10, 2020).


The first quiz is about Gulliver’s Travels.

The second quiz is about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
By the way, by clicking on the title you will find the full text in English.

You can do this!

Sincerely yours,