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Lingualeo for teachers

Interactive English learning features for your students

Motivation is a powerful force!

Your students will get experience points, levels and
virtual currency for completing tasks. They will be able to keep track of each other's progress and compete.
Our flexible analytics system lets you keep track of the progress and training intensity of each student.
Mobile applications are available on all platforms and allow your students to learn English anywhere.
Our service allows you to communicate in English while learning. You can talk not only to your classmates but also to more than 12 million real users.
Our linguists have created unique training programs to teach your students and prepare them for international exams.
Tests and courses
A smart recommendation system will select a personal program for your students based on their test results and an analysis of gaps in their knowledge.
You'll find more than 200,000 training materials for every taste: films, TV shows, music, books, news and lectures. Your students will be able to learn materials they are interested in.
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