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For right holders

1. Lingualeo hereby declares that it respects the intellectual property rights of the relevant holder and requests the same from the users of Lingualeo. Lingualeo regards infringement of intellectual property rights on Lingualeo negatively.

2. Lingualeo does not control actions of its users who may post the content being an item of your exclusive right on Lingualeo. The user posts any information in the Contents independently, without any control on anybody’s behalf, which is in line with the practice of posting information on the Internet.

3. Whenever possible, the portal administration filters the content posted by the users on the portal pursuant to the Internal Policy of Lingualeo but may not be held liable for the content posted by its users.

4. Lingualeo immediately reacts to claims by rights holders concerning infringement of intellectual property rights with regard to the use of Lingualeo. Lingualeo prevents infringement of intellectual property rights on its portal and will delete or deny access to the content violating intellectual property rights if infringement is duly confirmed.

5. That is why if you are the holder of exclusive property rights, including:

  • the exclusive right of reproduction;
  • the exclusive right of distribution;
  • the exclusive right of public display;
  • the exclusive right of dissemination to the general public and your rights are infringed in any manner whatsoever by using this portal, you are kindly requested to immediately inform us about it electronically using the below form. Your message will be examined without fail. You will receive a message about the results of the actions taken concerning the alleged infringement of exclusive rights. Upon receiving your message with the data provided correctly and to the maximum, it will be assigned a registration number and the letter receipt confirmation will be sent to the sender’s address. The complaint will be examined within the period not exceeding 5 (five) business days. Pursuant to the current norms of the legislation of the Russian Federation, the administration is ready to examine controversial issues within the pre-judicial (extrajudicial or another) dispute settlement procedure.

Content complaint form

1. Product data:
1.1. Product name
1.2. Official product page on the Internet (if any)
1.3. Number assigned to the product under the state register
1.4. For a Legal Person / Holder of the rights to electronic publications/computer applications/databases – copy of the state registration document
1.5. For a Legal Person / Holder of the rights to film and video records – distribution certificate (copy)
2. Data about the Rights Holder
2.1. Full name of the legal person
2.2. Postal address (if the legal and postal addresses are different, the legal address should be indicated).
2.3. Right Holder's website on the Internet
2.4. License to the right to engage in the activity (if the activity is licensed according to the procedure set forth by legislation)
2.5. Rights holder’s contact (full name, title, telephone, email)
3. Data of the person submitting the complaint
3.1. Full name
3.2. Title
3.3. Phone
3.4. Email
3.5. Copy of the power of attorney to act in the name of the Rights Holder (not required if the person submitting the complaint is the head of the Rights Holder company)
4. Complaint data
4.1. URL of the web page containing links to the data infringing the rights
4.2. Complete description of the rights infringement in essence (why distribution of the information is prohibited by the Rights Holder)
5. Hereby, I, acting on behalf of the Rights Holder, certify that (please check the boxes):
6. Review
by sending this form, I confirm that I have read through the Privacy policy