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1. Take the adaptive language test

LinguaLeo will detect what you already know and what you need to learn next

2. Get your personalized
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You will receive personal recommendations based on your actual language level, your goals and interests

3. Learn English
while doing
what you like

You can pick books, movies, TV Shows, or music from our rich collection of content produced by professionals and other users

4. Complete exercises
to practice
the language

Multiple interactive exercises help you practice theory and memorise new words

5. Learn at home
or on the go,
on all your devices

LinguaLeo runs on the web, smartphones, and tablets. It’s cloud-based, so your content follows you wherever you go.

6. Practice English while
browsing the web

LinguaLeo's browser extension lets you look up unfamiliar words. You can add them to your personal dictionary and make them part of your vocabulary exercises